Salsa and Lets Salsa planner paperclip

Estep Creations

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Celebrate with these festive themed clips!

This listing is for your choice of the Let's Salsa word paperclip, or the Salsa and chips paperclips.

The "Let's Salsa" paper clip is stitched on yellow vinyl, with the word "Let's" stitched in orange, and the word "Salsa" stitched with red thread.It is attached to a gold paperclip. The Let's Salsa word piece measures about 2 inches wide, and about 1 3/8 inches tall. When piece is on a paperclip, overall height is measures approximately 2.75 inches tall, by 2 inches at the wide.

The chip and salsa paperclip is stitched on a brown vinyl. The bowl features a turquoise blue stripe and yellow wave pattern across the front, above the kawaii style face on the bowl. Red and green are featured in the bowl to look like salsa. Off to the right side of the bowl is a chip, heading towards the bowl for a "dip". It also features a kawaii style face. The overall height of the chip and salsa piece is approxiamately 1.75 inches tall, by almost 2 inches wide. When placed on a gold paperclip, the overall height is about 3 inches from top of design to bottom of paperclip.

From this listing, you can make your choice of one or the other, or purchase both!

Need a different color? different quantity? Send me a message to see if I can help you out.